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  • Toronto, Here I Come

    Toronto, Here I Come

    For the longest time, whenever I’d sit back and think about what a dream job might look like, it always included one thing: attending film festivals. From the moment I stumbled into one in Indianapolis over a decade ago, I was smitten. Lots of movies? In one place? With all kinds of other people who…

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  • A Desk Here, A Desk There

    A Desk Here, A Desk There

    I recently bumped into an intern I used to work with, and she mentioned that she’d since moved on to a job at DeskPass. A new-ish concept in co-working, it’s sort of like the ClassPass for shared work spaces. Instead of a variety of workout classes to choose from, you get access to co-working spaces around…

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  • One Year Into the Big Leap

    One Year Into the Big Leap

    A year ago last week, I officially hung out my shingle for 11th Street Lot Marketing & Publicity, taking a flying leap into the unknown to go into business for myself. I’d reached a breaking point with bad bosses, poorly managed organizations and generally not getting out of my work what I hoped to. So,…

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  • A Pomodoro That’s Better Than Sauce

    One of the biggest struggles about being self-employed for me (aside from, you know, drumming up income) is looking at a wide open calendar and sorting out how best to use my time. Sure, it sounds like an absolute dream: no meetings, and none of the office bullshit that comes with them. And though I…

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