The Shape of This Thing

Though I left my last employer at the end of February, I only formally announced my latest professional endeavor a couple of weeks ago. Which means in the intervening weeks and months, I didn’t really have a lot going. Sure, I was working here and there. And I did take a trip to Paris.

But generally speaking, I was existing from day to day without much of a schedule. For most of that time, I didn’t wake up with any kind of alarm other than my own internal clock (and sometimes, my annoying cat). Any day could be a lazy, binge-heavy couch day. Any day was just as likely to be a crazy-productive errands and chores day. Either way, it was all on my own schedule. Or lack thereof.

This week, that all seems to have changed.

For the first time since leaving a job with an actual office and the hours to go with it, I set an alarm to wake me up at a decent time. I got up with it and went about my routine to get ready for the day ahead. Put on the coffee. Hop in the shower. Find something presentable to wear. Coffee and makeup and the morning news…

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Alright, so we’re doin’ this.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on something. Yesterday, I finally put it out into the world. I officially launched 11th Street Lot, my one-woman marketing and publicity agency. It’s scary and thrilling and empowering and daunting, and I know it’s exactly the right next move for me.

For years, I’ve been trying to hitch my wagon to a rocket ship. I’ve been looking for exactly the right professional fit, a job that allows me to do work I love with people who inspire me on a runway long enough to getting a running start towards the cosmos.

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summer move preview

Coming Soon: Summer 2017

Last week, I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (spoiler alert: I really liked it). As it’s on its way to grossing $140M in its first weekend, we can officially declare Summer Movie Season 2017 open for business. If this gangbusters sequel is any indication, we’re in for a good few months. As always, this is nowhere near a comprehensive list of releases; instead, it’s just those several I’m looking forward to. Maybe you are, too? Continue reading “Coming Soon: Summer 2017”