summer move preview

Coming Soon: Summer 2017

Last week, I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (spoiler alert: I really liked it). As it’s on its way to grossing $140M in its first weekend, we can officially declare Summer Movie Season 2017 open for business. If this gangbusters sequel is any indication, we’re in for a good few months. As always, this is nowhere near a comprehensive list of releases; instead, it’s just those several I’m looking forward to. Maybe you are, too? Continue reading “Coming Soon: Summer 2017”

Without Voice(work)

Last spring, I made the decision to move back into the non-profit world, a career decision but also a personal one. I was ready to be back in film festivals, in the space I know and love so well without the burdens of the private sector.

The change meant a new commute, new coworkers and, perhaps most daunting of all, a rather significant pay cut. I looked at my circumstances closely and decided I could swing it financially, especially if I was able to get back into doing voicework on the side. Since about 2007, I’d had an agent via Indianapolis, and even while I was in Utah and New York, she’d email me periodically with small but lucrative gigs – a local car wash ad, a spot for the tourism office. Nothing major, but enough to be a nice source of spending money (or, credit-card-debt-pay-off money, as it were).

But by the time I moved back to Chicago, her emails had all but disappeared. So as I committed to switching jobs, I also took my voiceover work into my own hands and shopped my demo out to a handful of Chicago-based agencies. Can’t win if you don’t play, right?

Wonder of wonders, I got a response from one of the best in the city, NV Talent. After an in-person chat, they agreed to take me on! My demo went up on their site, and I sat back and waited for the work to roll in!

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On Queue

Over my holiday break, I made an effort to keep busy. Between projects around my apartment and adventures around town, I mostly succeeded. I also made a resolution to put a dent in my Netflix queue, that all-too-often ignored list of films and series I’m interested in watching…someday.

I made a simple deal with myself: watch something on my queue (which felt like a chore), then watch something else (usually new or new-to-me and therefore shiny! exciting!). One for one, a simple bargain to knock out a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to watch forever.

Turns out, I found a few gems in there. And considering everyone and their brother has a Netflix account, I thought I’d share what I discovered, in case there’s anything you’d like to watch, too.

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